The Ultimate Success Programme

Your life is okay, others probably see you as successful. You know however that you could be achieving more. Enjoying more success in one or perhaps several areas of your life. Not living up to your true potential is frustrating.

So’ what would it take for you to enjoy the level of success that you desire and deserve?

Here’s the good news. You are just 3 steps from the success that you crave.

They are

  • 1 Knowing your true self, your deepest needs and desires. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. What will move you towards your goals, what will hold you back and how that can be overcome.
  • 2 Formulating achievable goals. Of course,’ you have goals but the way most people even intelligent, successful ones formulate goals often makes them difficult or impossible to achieve.
  • 3 Start moving towards correctly defined goals and keep moving. Enthusiasm may get you started on a new project, but you’ll need more than this to keep going.

That’s the good news. Here’s the even better news. I’ve used my decades of experience as a psychologist, therapist and life coach to formulate a programme that deals with all 3 steps giving you a straight road to success.

Here’s how we would proceed.

Step 1 Your in- depth personality analysis. I’ll ask 30 to 40 questions in a friendly conversational style. Your answers will be analysed through a specialist computer programme. We then get a clear picture of the strengths and qualities we can use to propel you towards your goals. We also find the areas we need to work on to ensure your success.

Step 2 I’ll show you how to set up SMART achievable goals and most importantly how to persist to achieve them.

Step 3 I’ll work with you in harnessing your unconscious mind, that’s the 90% of the mind that we are mostly unaware of in everyday life in the achievement of your goals.

If you’ve been attempting to achieve your goals by willpower alone, you’ll find imagination power generated by your unconscious level of mind at least 100% stronger.

In fact, it’s likely that until now imagination power has worked against you in achieving your goals. We will turn that around and put your unconscious mind on your side to turbo charge your progress towards your goals.

The programme is built on my threefold skills as a psychologist, life coach and hypno-psychotherapist together with my decades of experience in helping ambitious people like you achieve their goals. Now it’s your turn to step on the highway to your dreams with me beside you every step of the way. There are limited places on the programme. Act now to grab your future with both hands. Email me and let me know what you would like my help in achieving.

Your one to one programme takes place over 10 weekly one- hour sessions. Sessions can take place at my South London practice or on Skype if you prefer.

Your investment in your future success is £975 a fraction of what you could gain from it provided you use the straightforward instructions given correctly and regularly.

Your fee may be paid as three blocks of £325 or a single payment of £900 saving you £75

In the unlikely event that you wish to leave the programme before completing it simply let us know in writing (email is acceptable) the unused portion of your fees will be returned to you less an admin fee of £20.